Time is of the essence –
but time is always tight!

Companies and professionals active in the field of online and direct marketing are not short on ideas. They are short on time. Short on time for projects, which will push their company forward and strengthen its market position. This is particularly the case for companies expanding into a foreign market and where numerous issues have to be dealt with simultaneously on a very tight budget. These time restrictions, however, will now disappear for clients, service providers and agencies alike. With „competence upon demand“ from Dialogue Projects you can now realise all the TO DOs slumbering in your project drawer both speedily and smoothly, quicker than you think is possible and of course in a professional and efficient manner.

Helen Deacon

Your team’s too lean?
Not with Dialogue Projects by Helen Deacon.

After more than 20 years in the direct marketing business, I well know the situation you are currently in. The pressure is on to keep up with market developments and ideally be one step ahead. This is where I come in and offer relief. Quite simply: I'll take over your project, right from day one if you'd like. I'll analyse the situation, develop the best strategy, prepare everything, execute the plan, pull the results together, plan any next steps as required and present the final results. That's well worth it: you are relieved of your TO DO and you're also one step ahead of the rest. 

You see what needs to be done. Now you see that it gets done.

Your lean company structure is ideal for your daily business in a foreign market. However, internal capacities are therefore not available for any additional projects for short term stages of strong growth and high investment. With my comprehensive international direct marketing and management expertise, which you can book as you require, you are in the position to get any number of projects done - both swiftly and competently - without any long term commitments.

Dialogue Projects also takes care of the bottle-necks which service providers observe in their client organisations. In this situation I’ll manage whatever you can’t manage – whether due to a lack of time, staff or skill set. I can act as part of your organisation or deal directly with your client following your detailed briefing with my strengths. Whichever way you chose, you can count on a serious, reliable and trustworthy partner.

You like the idea? Click on „Your Project“ to read about the wide range of TO DOs with which I can offer you competent help. „by Helen Deacon“ presents my detailed job experience.