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Helen Deacon
  • 1970 born in Huddersfield, northern England
  • 1989 - 1993 Business Studies (B.A. Hons) with Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University, England
  • 1993 - 1994 Post-graduate course in Business and Marketing at Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany

Starting Out

  • 1994 Key Account Manager at Arnold & Demmerer, Stuttgart, a leading specialist in B2C target marketing for new customer acquisition. From day 1 I was handling international clients including American Express (UK), TIME Magazine (UK), Rodale Press (UK) und HCI/Silkies (USA)
  • 1998 Promotion to the Board of Directors. I had profit centre responsibility of the newly founded international team and was team leader of three international graduates. I set up and developed the strategic consultancy business for international clients mailing into Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our clients included Greenpower/Dr.Hittich (NL), Vartec Telecommunications (UK/USA), Royal Bank of Scotland (UK/D) and Olio Carli (IT)
  • 2007 Promotion to Managing Director and Partner at Arnold & Demmerer. My key activities in this role included developing the online marketing competence, acquisition of new online budgets and establishing new co-operations with additional leading direct marketing agencies
  • 2008/2009 Extensive lobbying activities against the planned reform of the German Data Protection Law
  • 2009 Vice Chair of the DDV List Council (German Direct Marketing Association)

New Horizon

  • Autumn 2009 Review of more than 15 years in target marketing at Arnold & Demmerer and the decision to move on
  • 2010 Nine months „time out“ spent travelling, visiting friends, family – and also attending the leading German direct marketing and online events

Market Re-Entry

  • November 2010 I set up Dialogue Projects to support clients, service providers and agencies in online and direct marketing with the execution of their internal projects on both their domestic and international markets

I’m back in business with bundles of energy, my never-fading personal commitment and good judgement. I am genuinely interested in the wide range of topics my clients have on their TO DO list, which are varied, interesting and a personal challenge. I enjoy establishing trusting relationships with new organisations and developing existing ones.

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Helen Deacon
Helen Deacon

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