International project? Delegate it!
It really is that simple.

You know exactly where additional international support is required and therefore can immediately define the topic and the deadline for your particular project.

One of my strengths is the wide range of tasks I can competently handle. Due to my many years of business experience I am in the position to support you with projects ranging from strategic planning to operational issues within an international environment. These could include researching a specific topic or market, market entry, establishing a new business or department, business development, managing a business as an interim and of course all facets of marketing, CRM and direct marketing, both online and offline.

All this is possible and so much more...

International Expansion

  • You are asking yourself which of the many direct marketing concepts and ideas from your domestic market has the best chance of success in Germany. Benefit from my wealth of experience and together we’ll design the optimal plan – and open more doors for your company.
  • What you are looking for is an independent opinion regarding your new customer acquisition activities in Germany. Over 20 years of experience are yours for the taking. I’ll give you my honest opinion and you can utilise these ideas with either myself or your existing partner.
  • Your organisation is considering expanding to Germany and is interested in talking to a qualified professional. I'll thoroughly research all aspects of the market and provide answers to your quesions. Tell me where and when you want to meet and I’ll be there. No strings attached.
  • As a market leading service provider you receive requests for international campaigns. So, which supplier is relevant in which market? I'll guide you through the international scene, identify the most suitable partner in each country and start negotiations for a promising future.

Support for your Daily Business

  • Your email newsletter is limited to "20% off" deals, and data generation via the website is way behind forecast. I will identify the real stories inside your company, communicate benefits to your readers and implement the necessary changes for long term sales success.
  • You’re new to the German market and want to observe your competitors' social media activities. I’ll monitor chosen channel and within no time you’re in the picture. Either as a one-off project or you may opt to receive regular reports from your local "eyes and ears on the ground".
  • International address hygiene and data capture are once again a topic of dispute and the next direct mail campaign is going out soon... Solve this problem once and for all - authorise me to handle the data validation and define rules for the future. Then this problem really is history.
  • As the German country manager located in the domestic headquarters you wish you were closer to your market. I will be your eyes and ears on the ground for many issues, eg. DM & mail order, competitors and market developments. I’ll tell you what you want to know month by month.

Which project is hampering your international development? Let’s tackle it! Take a look at my professional experience by clicking on „by Helen Deacon“. For detailed information regarding both my international direct marketing and management competence take a look at „My Strengths“.

If you don’t find your planned project here, contact me personally - that’s the best way to find out whether I am the right partner for your international project. „Your Response“ lists all the ways you can reach me to discuss your requirements.