You have your strengths.
Complement them with mine.

  • Dedication: Good service is not only a matter of professional competence. Personal commitment also has a major role to play so if you share this view, we already have one thing in common! My core business is client-centred services.
  • Job experience: Key accounts, team leadership, management. You can count on my extensive experience on all corporate levels for your international activities.
  • Personality: I’m enthusiastic, trustworthy, communicative and interested in new things.
  • International: After over 20 years in the international direct marketing scene I’m familiar with everything you’re experiencing with your business expansion and have extensive international contacts
  • Frame of mind: It’s positive - I enjoy life and am not afraid to show it.
  • Fair conditions: My project fees are set according to your project requirements. That’s fair for you and fair for me.
  • Eagle eye: I keep the big picture in view whilst working on the details.
  • Approachable: What you see is what you get.

International competence upon demand.
For both the big picture and the details.

Helen Deacon

Target Marketing

  • Targeting experience for B2B and B2C products and services
  • Direct marketing, budget responsibility, strategic planning and campaign execution
  • Response analysis and implementation in follow-up campaigns
  • Feedback to creative aspects
  • In-depth knowledge of the international list and insert market

Address Centre

  • Data bureau services, data hygiene and data appending
  • Score cards and modelling applications for acquisition and reactivation
  • Household files and micro-geographic characteristics
  • Permission marketing and opt-ins

Online Marketing

  • Lead generation, new customer acquisition and customer retention
  • E-Mail marketing, newsletters and landing pages
  • Website usability, registration process and data generation

International & Strategic 

  • Market analysis and market entry strategies
  • International sales and consultancy experience
  • International direct marketing know-how
  • Establishing and developing new business fields
  • Organisational development with strong focus on people

Leadership & Communication

  • 13 years leadership experience
  • Numerous communication courses with Schulz von Thun Institute
  • Certificate "NLP Practitioner"
  • Certificate "Effective Leadership" based on the GRID model
  • Currently professional training in transactional analysis for organisations
  • Workshops, facilitator, moderator
  • Self-developed communication training courses for one-to-one, teams and management
  • Memberships: German Association for Transactional Analysis (DGTA e.V.) and Euruopean Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) 

Contacts, Contacts!

  • Exceptional network within the European, Asian and US direct marketing market
  • Well-established relationships to direct marketing suppliers and service providers

All these competencies will enable your company to facilitate its international expansion quicker and smoother. Over the last 17 years I’ve helped numerous German and foreign companies with their direct marketing campaigns and you can read what they have to say by clicking on „Other Views“.