The advantages speak
for themselves!

Dialogue Projects will execute your international project at short notice, with a high level of competence and with as much flexibility as you require. I am always booked for a clearly defined task and without any long term commitments. You benefit from the addition resources without the disadvantage of committing yourself to permanent staff. You cover only your realistic requirements and that in itself offers great value for money.

You think in terms of weeks, perhaps months and I think in days.
How’s that possible?

That’s obvious! You are responsible for a whole department or company and all the complexities of establishing a business in a foreign country. Dialogue Projects dedicates itself to one task: your task. You would have to juggle the new project around your main job and numerous meetings with employees and management colleagues. I can concentrate all my efforts and attention on your international project and therefore I can execute it quicker as time is on my side. I discuss your requirements, evaluate your options and submit a quote. You sign off my proposal and I then I get started!

When do you want to discuss your project?

I am bookable from a minimum of one day and - depending on the project - this can mean up to a number of weeks or even months. I can work either from my office, at your location (in Germany or abroad) or a mixture of both to best suit your project. I will identify the time frame for your specific project and therefore your investment is calculable. My project fees are fair and are based on the specific project, its complexity and the duration.

That’s all there is to say about our teamwork. There’s nothing stopping us from starting straight away! Under „by Helen Deacon“ you’ll find out about my job experience and „My Strengths“ tells you more about how we fit together.